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Labelong provides a wide range of quality packaging machines including filling machines, blowing machines, bottle packing machines, and water treatment equipment.


Customization process

Customization Process

A professional design team helps our clients customize filling machines to meet their different needs.

  • 01

    Understand requirements: ask customers for specific requirements.

  • 02

     First quotation: confirm customer's demand and make technical plans.

  • 03

    Provide drawings: send drawings and related videos & pictures to customers for confirmation.

  • 04

    Send quotation: after the customer confirms the plan, we give a detailed quotation.

  • 05

    Production: in the production process of machines, the salesman will participate in the whole process and track customer's records.

  • 06

    Packaging and Transportation: We will carry out a strict quality inspection before shipment and guarantee timely delivery. 07. Installation training: technicians install and debug machines abroad, and are trained for operation procedures.

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About the company


Suzhou Labelong Packaging company not only supplies different types of quality packaging machines (filling machines, blowing machines, and water treatment) at very competitive prices, we also have an experienced team of customer service engineers who can perform the tasks of installations and preventative maintenance for your machines.





Labelong focuses on manufacturing filling machines, packing machines, and water treatment. Our factory takes up 60,000 square meters with more than 30 professional technicians and workers. We are one of the professional and reliable Chinese manufacturers and providers of liquid filling & packaging machines, blow molding machines, and water treatment systems. We ensure reliable quality and provide pretty good after-sale services. We have gained the CE certification and ISO9000:2001 certification.






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