Advantages of Diatomaceous Earth Filters in Drinking Water Treatment

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-03-29
Learn what silica filters are, how they are used, and what they are made.Read on and discover all this and more...Silica Earth (DE) is composed of small, single silica fossils.celled, hard-Previously present shell algae.These fossils make DegaoBecause the fossil remains are actually abnormal --Small hollow particles.DE was originally the sediment that covered the bottom of the ocean and eventually became part of our soil.This is a soft piece of chalk.Just like a substance that easily breaks into white powder.DE is very similar to pumice and feels rough.Although DE can be used as a gentle abrasive, cat litter, mechanical pesticide, bloodA condensate is an ingredient in explosives, and as a thermal insulator, it is most commonly used in silica-based filters used in swimming pools and water treatment facilities.DE filters can be used to filter very fine particles that are easily blocked or pass through paper filters.DE filters are most commonly used for water filtration in swimming pools, but can also be used for the treatment of drinking water, as well as for other liquids such as beer, wine, syrup, and sugarThe technology began during World War II when American troops needed portable drinking water treatment systems.Because this material is light weight, smelly, tasteless, chemicalInert, which means it is safe to use with drinking water.After the war, people began to use diatom soil filters to build water treatment facilities.More than 200 of these plants are still operating, mainly in small cities.DE filters are a good choice for small operations as they do not require chemical solidification or training operators on chemical use.In addition, they offer a much cheaper filter option than other water treatment methods.DE filters are the first choice for filtering surface water under the influence of surface water because they have cysts-Ability to remove.The properties of silica soil filters make them one of the drinking water filtration methods approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.The silica soil filter physically separates suspended solids from the liquid allowed to pass by other filtration products.In the water supply, the DE filter can successfully remove cysts, bacteria, algae, viruses, asbestos, turbidity, manganese and iron.However, they cannot remove color and other dissolved ingredients.EPA has developed guidelines for maximum concentration and particle type in DE filter filtered water.The DE filter can be used as a pressure filter or a vacuum filter.
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