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In the north of Sik, Kedah, mineral water producer KEDA Agrobiz, a business unit of the Kedah Regional Development Authority (KEDA)
According to Tan Xinzhou, the company is planning to increase its share of bottled water business from 2% to 5% and stimulate local economic growth.
KEDA Agrobiz, which produces bottled mineral water, is clearly optimistic about the industry, which is said to be worth 500mil in this country alone.
General manager Mohammed Sofey Osman said they hope to get at least 5% of the total market share by next year --
The current share has more than doubled.
\"At present, our market share is 2% of the total market share.
The potential is huge and we want to strengthen our efforts across the country, \"he said during a visit to the KEDA Agrobiz factory in Batu Lama Kampung Charuk Tualang.
According to Saeed, KEDA Agrobiz produces 50,000 boxes of mineral water of all sizes per month.
PH7 mineral water is 240 ml, 350 ml, 500 ml, 1.
Bottles 5L, 5L and 10L.
Their water comes from a pipe well about 150 m.
The water came from bugynn and was only a stone\'s throw from the factory.
In addition to its own interiorhouse brand Al-
Wadi is very popular in the northern region, and the company is also a manufacturer of original equipment (OEM)
More than 100 well-known brands.
Its clients include new Regent Alor Setar, Koperasi Polis Pulau Pinang, Emerald Puteri Hotel, Swiss Garden Sungai Petani, Pacific hotel Malaysia, d\' king
\"We also have two other pipe wells that are recognized by the mineral and Earth science departments.
\"We are now waiting for approval from the Ministry of Health.
\"Once this is done, we believe we can double our production to create more jobs for the locals,\" he said . \".
Since its establishment in 2009, the factory has hired many locals from nearby areas.
The whole bottling process
From filling, cleaning, capping, labeling and packaging-
Run by more than 30 people living in the area.
One of the people who benefited from the Regional Development Bureau of Jeddah (KEDA)
Efforts are made by Salma Yaacob, the production operator of the factory.
Before her current jobyear-
In the past, Mr. Lao often went to Sungai Petani for two hours to work in another factory.
\"Right now, it only takes me 10 minutes to get to the mineral water plant from my home in Bandar Baru Beris Jaya.
\"The company also offers good benefits and my income is good,\" she said . \".
Rosli Ahmad, a 52-year-old production director, said he worked at Taiping Four years ago before joining KEDA Agrobiz.
\"I have saved a lot in terms of travel expenses.
I can go home every day.
In addition, the working environment here is also very good.
\"All the workers here are well taken care of,\" he said . \".
Datuk Mohd Arpan Shari, general manager of KEDA, said that when the federal agency was established in 1981, the whole idea was to accelerate socio-economic development and eradicate the core poor population of the state, especially those living in the suburbs.
\"This is all about it --
Create jobs and urbanization for rural areas.
\"We\'re here to create an economic chain that helps the locals, and I\'m glad our activities and plans are able to do that.
We empower them through vocational courses and help them commercialize local products.
\"We even built affordable houses for them,\" he said, when he met at the office of Orr Sita.
Arpan said part of the company\'s profits will go to the Sik Agropolitan core poverty fund.
From 2012 to 2015, approximately 80 people living in the Sik district received a RM500 dividend from the fund each year.
He said that the company has been growing and he believes that this number may reach RM1, 000 in due course.
In addition to KEDA Agrobiz, KEDA manages the Keda resort Bendang Man through its subsidiary KEDA Holdings. The 75.
Located about 12 km kilometers away, the 8ha site is a safe haven where people can find a sense of calm to soothe and restore tired and troubled souls.
Sofei, who is also the general manager of the training resort, said it was ideal for the team --
Building activities.
\"In the durian season between June and August, it is actually durian (a windfall)
For those who live in our cottage.
You can eat for free if durian falls at your doorstep, \"he said.
The place was previously planted as durian and red Maodan orchards and later turned into an agricultural park by KEDA
Tour products with 47 cabins, swimming pools and other amenities.
It has three dormitories and five camps that can accommodate 200 people, each of which can accommodate between 120 and 150 people.
The resort is managed by KEDA Resort, a wholly owned subsidiary of KEDA resort.
The monthly occupancy rate is 50%, said claim, adding that it was packed on Friday and Saturday --
Keida\'s weekend.
He said that their target market includes company employees and college students who want to work together in a team.
Building activities.
\"We are a training resort for the middle class --income bracket.
\"This is our niche where visitors can approach the natural environment,\" he explained . \".
Sophie revealed that they will also launch a threein-
A tour group-
On a fishing tour in Tasik Beris, take a dip in ululegon, baling springs, and have a shopping tour in Betong, Thailand.
Another attraction of the site is the Kelulut Valley, a no-Sting bee farm with 250 colonial logs.
Visitors have the opportunity to drink honey directly from the hive.
The colonial log is managed by two well-trained workers
President of the Keda no-Sting bee farm Operator Association.
Sophie said the resort produces 125 kg of kelulut honey per month, and visitors can buy these products at the sales gallery.
He concluded: \"In addition to the kelulut honey in the bottle, we also work with Kelantan biotechnology to produce soap, Daily Cream, facial cleanser and refreshing skin with them
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