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After the introduction of 70 decorative papers by the handmade paper Institute, which was founded in 1940 with the blessing of Gandhi, is now turning to silk paper.
It has developed 4,500 types including painting, watermarks, seed germination and waterpaper, as well as smooth paper for greeting cards, invitations and letterhead Avijit.
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In a cave on KB Joshi Road in shiwaginger, two men squatted on a pile of rags, tidied up buttons, and crushed elastic and metal pieces into a rag cutter.
A few steps away, a machine is beating broken cloth into pulp with water and chemicals ---
The first step in the long process of finishing the fibers.
Karigar, an expert, drained the paste pulp onto the sheet of metal, making sure it was ready to be pressed into hand-made chemicalsfree high-
If not more, high quality paper that can last up to amazing 100.
Unlike paper machines that produce hundreds of sheets of paper at a time, here the paper is handmade by specialized workers, one at a time.
After the pressed sheets were ready, a worker hung them up along a line to dry.
The dry paper is then cleaned and immersed in the glue solution to make it suitable for painting and drying.
The paper then passes through the heating roller (a process called calender) to make it smooth and shiny.
Upon completion, the calendar sheets are passed to a group of women who sort the sheets according to their weight, shape and finish.
They are then cut and packed ready to ship.
Patience is the key in this ancient paper making process.
The national primary manual paper mill located on the campus of the manual paper College (HPI)
Running in public
On the basis of private partnership, hundreds of sheets of paper are produced every day.
\"Unlike paper mills, we can\'t produce thousands of sheets of paper every day because the process is very time consuming.
Production according to the order we received.
But this kind of paper is made in the ecological environment.
Friendly way to use various types of confetti, rag purchased from the sock industry, jute, Mill garbage, etc.
We do not use wood at all, \"said Sudhiirr Kenjale, deputy chief executive officer of Maharashtra Hadi and village Industry Council, which oversees the operation of the Institute.
The Institute was founded in 1940 by city-
Headquartered in chemical scientist KB Joshi, at the suggestion of San Xiong Gandhi, he had a glorious past for publishing environmental papers during the institute Swadeshi movement, chaired by Pandit javajara Nehru
The first draft of the Constitution was written by Babasaheb Ambedkar on the documents made here.
Nehru printed his will and will on the documents produced here.
The agency also produced Nehru\'s letterhead and printed the marriage cards of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her eldest son Rajiv Gandhi.
\"We also produce a range of products including paper bags, photo albums, pen holders, lampshades, lanterns, notebooks and documents, etc.
\"All the items are made of handmade paper,\" said Kenjale . \".
Needless to say, the agency\'s products have been occupied by customers in Germany, Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Thailand.
\"In addition to manufacturing various types of products, our main focus is on providing skills development training and conducting research on manual paper making technology.
We offer one
One-year management courses in the manual paper industry and some short-term courses
Semester courses in thesis conversion.
We have trained 1,858 entrepreneurs in the last 24 years, most of whom have set up their own units.
At present, there are about 80 manufacturing units and 70 conversion units in the state, \"said Sanjeev B.
Nak, HPI junior lecturer.
As part of its research work, the agency conducted trials in an attempt to find alternatives to traditional raw materials.
\"We have started using banana fiber, sugar cane, cotton bars and jute.
We conducted trials using monetary waste and found that it was possible to make high quality paper covers or wrapping paper with it.
We have also developed acid free paper, insulating paper, leather cardboard, germination paper and filter paper.
We also do paper testing on a fee basis, \"he added.
Naik notes that in fact, there is no end to what you can do with handmade paper if you are creative.
\"You can make handmade paper with different types of raw materials and put it on different uses.
The hand made paper is different from the ground paper, it is very strong and can be used for a long time.
For example, files we make using different types of fibers can help save documents for longer periods of time.
Even paper bags can easily carry up to 5-7 kg.
In addition, they are biodegradable compared to plastic bags, \"he said.
Regardless of enthusiasm, the road ahead is steep.
\"Very few people know about handmade paper.
\"There is a lack of funding from the government, but we are rushing,\" Naik said . \".
At present, the future of this ancient art form is in the hands of several workers in HPI and other parts of the country who carry out their work in a unhurried manner.
How Joshi launched it before independence, only the Khultabad community near ulangabad, the Kalpi community in Uttar Pradesh, the Sanganer community in Rajasthan and the Mahara
They provided their handmade paper to Mughal and rulers.
They use this paper to maintain the record, which the trader uses to maintain the account.
The British do not encourage the use of handmade paper.
When it took a positive turn, the industry suffocated and then fell into recession.
K. B. Joshi works at the Indian oil cotton mill in navsurrey, Gujarat, and is in his or her 1930 s.
This is the peak of the Swadeshi movement, and he has developed a skill of making paper by hand.
He wrote to Gandhi and asked to allow him to use electricity in the process he developed to make handmade paper.
Gandhi was opposed to electricity because he strongly supported the rural industry, and manual paper making was one of them.
When Joshi persisted, he won the holy male, and the Institute appeared.
Since it pushed the Swadesh movement, it caught Gandhi\'s attention.
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