delhi: use reverse vending machines, earn rewards for waste

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-04-22
July 02, 2018: Delhi: using reverse vending machines, with the support of the success of the \"reverse vending machines\" already installed in the city, to receive waste rewards, the norderi municipal company has now been shortlisted for nine more locations.
These machines are win-win.
Win: they use discount coupons to attract people, while making it easier for authorities to work by promoting segregation.
But given Zeleno\'s record, it\'s surprising why civic groups choose this company.
Operation: how these machines work explains the work of this \"reverse vending machine\" in a simple principle: they allow citizens to throw waste into the machine and give them some rewards.
Similar products for Lucknow and Jharkhand to distribute discount coupons-from 2% to 20%-
It can be redeemed at its partner stores, including restaurants, clothing brands, footwear, movies, etc.
You can handle any type of waste
Plastic, glass or paper.
Delhi: Delhi\'s plan is that these machines also help the authorities by eliminating the need for manual isolation.
\"It crushed the garbage so that it would not be misused, thus helping to accumulate more garbage in small spaces,\" said a northern official . \".
According to the agreement, the North will only give space to run these machines, which will be maintained by Zeleno.
After a pilot, more machines will be introduced.
Location: New reverse vending machines will be available in these nine locations, which have been put into use in Lucknow and jakhande.
In Delhi, three were installed last year at Connaught.
At present, the South Delhi Municipal company is running a three
The moon pilot is in the Defense Colony.
The North is now watching Kamla Nagar, Gaffar Market, Minto Road, Netaji Subhash Palace, Prashant Vihar, Rohini, East Padel Nagar
Zeleno: it\'s good to take the initiative, but what about the contractor?
However, Zeleno did not make an impressive start in this regard.
The machine at Jharkhand Jamshedpur Sakchi bus terminal stopped working after two months of installation.
Locals say no one has responded despite complaints.
Congress leader Mukesh Goel says the trash can in the drichonot square has also become a traditional one.
The cost of these machines is Rs. 1.
Every 8L seems too expensive.
Alternative: we need to make the best deal with the best company. One alternative is the RIL, which launched the PET bottle reverse vending machine in Mumbai.
It says more machines will be installed.
But the deal is also important, Mr. Goel said. \"The plastic-
The company will recycle and use waste while citizens-
There is no share of the body.
\"This intention is noble, but the authorities must take steps to ensure that this intention remains the same.
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