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by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-03-31
News: New Age farm
/Key * Automatic digital temperature control;
* Including syringe filling adapter;
* Integrated pressure regulator and optional air filter;
* Portable desktop design with adjustable height;
* Aluminum and stainless steel construction;
The loss is less than 1 mL during the product conversion process.
Joshua Bartch, chief executive of New Age farm, said: \"We are very much looking forward to the arrival of MCF1 filling machines.
As the company expands, we focus on investing in technology to stay ahead.
As orders continue to increase, the company\'s production capacity must also be improved and better regulated.
The MCF1 machine allows the company to fill thousands of vaporizer pens per day while reducing the loss to less than 1 ml per 140 ml, ensuring that we do not lag behind due to lack of production capacity.
About the New Age farm is an agricultural service company that offers unique rotary planting infrastructure and services to licensed growers and processors in its agricultural sector
Campus in Washington state.
State Council of alcohol and cannabis (\'WSLCB\')
PassedInitiative 502 (\'I-502\'). I-
502 authorize WSLCB to regulate and tax cannabis products for persons over 20 years of age
One year old, thus creating a new industry for growth, processing and sales in Washington state --
Cannabis entertainment products.
The new era farm provides innovative solutions for growers and processors in this booming industry.
Regarding our being Kured, LLCKURED is a wholly owned subsidiary of the new era farm acquired in December 2017.
KURED is building an innovative online CBD and lifestyle company.
KURED works with state-of-the-art cannabis growers, edible manufacturers, cuttingedge product formulators to develop, sell and distribute multiple collections of CBD products, including, but not limited to, CBD vaporizer pens, gelcaps, and more.
All of our Kured products are 100% THC free and available for international purchase.
THC is the main active ingredient in cannabis.
For more information about the new age Farm, please consult the Company\'s profile on SEDARsedar.
Or visit the company website atwww. newagefarminc. com.
For more information about our Kured, please visit their website on www. wearekured. com.
On behalf of the chairman of the board of directors, chief executive of Joshua barchte @ newagefarminc.
ComFor more information contact company communicationscom888-871-
We are the Kured Contact: Ben MartchFounder & CEOwww. wearekured. com970. 310.
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