Effective Methods of Emergency Water Treatment

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-03-28
Do you know the emergency water treatment solution prepared to deal with natural disasters?What would you do if your water was contaminated?Continue reading about different things before the disaster to make sure everyone has fresh water to survive.After Hurricane Katrina destroyed natural disasters such as New Orleans in 2005, what people need most is fresh and clean water.Unfortunately, natural disasters will destroy municipal water treatment facilities and pollute the water supply from bacteria to chemicals, making it unsuitable for human consumption.Although the city needs to develop an emergency water treatment plan for this situation, it is still a good idea to have your own emergency water treatment plan if unforeseen circumstances occur.You need to start by knowing exactly what you might be facing.Contaminated water can contain three different types of pathogens (disease-Causing organisms) and toxic chemicals.Pathogens can be divided into protozoal parasites, toxic bacteria, and harmful viruses.Aquatic pathogens are produced from animal and human wastes that are washed into drinking water sources.Chemicals can come from industrial or storage environments or from chemicals used to control pests and weeds.An emergency will only aggravate the situation that has always existed.The larger contaminants can be removed from the water, as simple as putting water into a clean container via a paper towel or coffee filter.However, bacteria and viruses are too small to filter effectively from water using this method.Therefore, emergency water treatment plans must include some disinfectant that can kill these microorganisms.Iodine is a very effective water disinfectant that is more effective than chlorine used in the pool.On the other hand, native animals do not respond well to iodine.Instead, you need some sort of effective filtration system to handle these pathogens.Although boiling is a recommended way to eliminate raw animals in drinking water, boiling may not be an option if there is a power outage.Toxic chemicals don\'t necessarily lead to a direct health risk for pathogens, but they still destroy healthy cells in your body and lower your immunity so that you can get sick more easily.If the water is turbid and looks like it\'s contaminated, you shouldn\'t drink it before you deal with it.However, water is critical to the human body, so it is important that you be able to acquire or create a source of fresh water within a few hours of a natural disaster.You can live for a few days without food, but you can only live for a few days if you don\'t have water.So you have to have an emergency water treatment plan so you can be prepared for anything that might happen.
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