embracing the possible: new german deposit rules force brauerei martens to rapidly deploy recyclable pet.

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-04-03
Belgium is home to beer.
Start on the 19 th-
In the 20 th century, there were more than 3,500 independent breweries in Belgium, including 120 remain.
As a result, Belgium is in the leading position in Europe, second only to Germany, with the largest number of breweries.
One of the breweries is Brauerei Martens of boshott, which began in the 1758 s as a domestic brewery.
Today, the output is 1.
BrauereiMartens is one of the largest members of the Belgian beer industry, with beer prices up to 5 million liters.
Brewery managed by Frans, Fons and January-
The eighth generation of the Martens family runs a brewery.
It was in recent years that they helped write the success story of the brewery.
The foundation of the company\'s success includes the willingness to innovate and the sense of responsibility for family inheritance.
It is these points that have been taken into account in the latest decision: the decision to supply the beer in the PET bottle to the Aldi chain ingervice and to obtain the new khs pet series for this purpose.
According to industry watchers, the decision has revolutionized the brewing industry in Germany and Europe, so much so that beer in PET bottles is becoming less popular among consumers.
In the history of Braun Martens, the brewery kept smiling and made impossible things possible.
This includes an interesting event in 1910, which at first glance seems to have nothing to do with brewing inBocholt.
The size of the beauchut Church will increase.
Bocholtparishioners do not want to make it wider, it cannot be lengthened due to existing restrictions.
Solution to the dilemma: the whole building will be moved in order to make the expansion possible.
The move was initiated by Brauerei Martens.
In 1910, the project was considered a very important engineering achievement, when the media reported heavily on the successful relocation of the church.
This is no different from the decision to embrace PET, an indicator of pioneering work, while also putting aside the traditional beliefs of the brewing industry.
If one believes that history is repeating itself, the new movement should be successful as well.
Everything changed until December 2002, Brauerei Martens offered free beer to theAldi chain in Germany
Return the glass bottle and jar.
Then, the mandatory deposit regulations came into effect and everything changed from day to day.
Aldi canceled no-
Return bottles and cans from stock.
Brauerei Martens was asked to present an Aldi-specific no-
Returning to the PET concept, which takes into account the following conditions: excellent product quality, providing a large amount of beer in PET bottles, the same price structure as previously accepted in non-beer
100% recycling capacity of recyclable glass bottles and PET materials.
These factors have been assured today.
Now, Brauerei Martens provides 0 for the Aidi branch across Germany. 5-
10 liter PET bottlewrapped 6-
Packed in pearner, brewed according to German purity method.
0 of the new development. 5-
The liter PET bottle has an embossed Aldi logo in the shoulder area of the pearly appearance.
As a long-term design
This bottle is a typical beer shape.
Typical appearance is also one of the focus of development activities.
At the same time, octagonal petals --
The shape of the base also conveys the beer
In addition to the important practical aspects, I like the impression: high stability and pressure resistance.
And typical beer.
Like the dressing in the bottle.
Not a pack ~
On the label, Brauerei Martens relies more on the ring label on the shoulder, back and neck. The 0. 5-
With a 1 liter PET beer bottle weighing 28 grams, Sidel\'s Actis method gives the bottle excellent barrier performance.
In this process, a single inner wall
The skin PET bottle is coated with amorphous carbon rich in hydrogen.
Speaking of the company, the Wall\'s action on oxygen rebounded 30 times more pulverized coal than the traditional singlePETbottles skin;
By contrast, the risk of carbon dioxide loss is seven times smaller.
Beer is guaranteed for at least six months.
Bottle 100% suitable for recycling.
Of the PET materials produced, up to 75% can be reused in the manufacture of Premix.
Foundation of success-
Put into practice by Brauerei Martens--
A complete pet concept is produced in the shortest possible time, and the help of powerful partners is very much needed.
This is particularly important if partners can call for comprehensive knowledge
How to base on practical experience.
This is the case with the cooperation between Martens and khs.
As an international active manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment, KHS has extensive experience in the field of filling and packaging equipment for PET bottles.
The partnership between Brauerei Martens and KHS is a partnership in the true sense.
The partnership with KHSstarted began as early as 1968.
For new pets
The capacity of the recyclable production line is 40,000 PET bottles per hour, and the task is to produce a concept that ensures the highest product quality and gentle handling of PET bottles, while ensuring the attractive display of products at the point of sale.
Today, new equipment is integrated into a building that was previously used as a logistics center by Brauerei Martens.
There\'s plenty of room here--
Possible pet projects in the future.
PET bottles are produced directly at the brewery with proper internal coating, pallet, and then supplied directly to the new KHS production line.
The first step here is a gentle depilation process. The four-
The Innopal ALdepalletizer depalletizingprocess of the double-sided closed propulsion system provides maximum reliability.
All surfaces of the peeling device exposed to PETbottles are covered with plastic plates to prevent damage to sensitive containers.
An automatic inserted liner discharger picks up the padding with a vacuum grip and inserts them and places them in a separate magazine provided for this proposal.
The Innopal aluminum has a high, single
Unloading of containers.
All the advantages of the modular design KHS dry zone concept are realized in the pallet and the disassembly zone of the modern dry zone.
Only the tooth band is used to generate horizontal and vertical motion, which means that in addition to reducing the noise level
Material Maintenance and gentle handling during processing.
The servo motor shortens the cycle time, ensures high performance, and precisely adheres to very important positioning accuracy.
Very gentle pressure.
Free combination of light PET bottles and then discharge to Innoline LTR air conveyor.
Airconveyor consists of various parts.
Each part is equipped with a radial ventilator that forces air into the air duct and determines the delivery speed of the bottle.
Various operating points of the ventilator can be set by the frequency controller.
Therefore, according to the weight and shape of the shipping bottle, the speed scan is optimally adjusted.
The offlexability Innoline light rail provides a high level.
If Brauerei Martens decides to process other sizes of PET bottles with 0 in the future. 5-
Big and small, then it will be possible without any difficulties.
The only thing that is fixed is the neck ring.
In Brauerei Martens, the wet and dry areas are physically separated due to hygiene.
Therefore, the air conveyor belt sends the bottle material directly into the wash through the opening leading to the wet area-filler block.
Innoclean FR-flexible filling system with mechanical controlEM single-
Channel rinser cleans the bottle with sterile water to reliably rinse any contamination such as dust particles. A computer-
The control pneumatic pressure Innofill DVF filling system is used to fill PET bottles, which uses long filling tubes to achieve volume filling in a very gentleman environment. At0.
02 mg/l, the product of the oxygen pickup truck is extremely low bottom-
The filling process is an important factor in determining the quality of beer.
At the same time, CO2 consumption is only 600g/hl, ensuring specific cost savings.
Innofill DVF filling system represents the biggest future
Security investment offers maximum flexibility.
The system can be fully individually programmed to fill a variety of different bottle sizes and bottle shapes.
When the button is pressed, the appropriate filler is called.
Thanks to the use of a highly flexible filling system, all options for future Brauerei Martens are open-
Until the contour bottle of the most separate shape is filled.
In order to avoid contamination between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap, during the filling process, the water is specially sprayed to the neck of the bottle mouth.
Screw cap or crown stopper?
Screw cap or crown stopper--
For Brauerei Martens, this is a matter of word of mouth.
Although the crown stopper gave a typical beer impression, it was decided to use the screw cap in the end-
Because of hygiene.
It is not because of the hygiene of the bottling operation, but because of the hygiene of the commercial operation.
When the PET bottle is fitted with a screw cap, the screw cap is usually put back into the retailer\'s hands.
Avoid a very important aspect of dealing with unclean bottle mouth leaks residual beer.
After the capping process and filling level check, the PET bottle mouth is moved to the buffer table.
This buffer table is a newly developed KHSbuffer system, which also guarantees the optimal utilization of the gentle handling of containers and production operation areas.
Several drives ensure optimal reduction and low shipping speed
Pressure transfer of PET bottles on the discharge of the buffer system.
If PET bottle build up is necessary, then gently pushing the bottle onto the reduced bottle can relieve the pressure
Conveyor speed or rest.
The buffer system does not slide while working.
Guarantee the shipping of the container, which means the failure rate due to the drop of the bottle-
Improvement of system efficiency.
PET bottles are labeled with shoulder, back and neck rings by KHS Innoket KL 2060 coldmelt labeler.
The innoget KL 2060 features easy operation and low maintenance costs.
The wide use of stainless steel parts represents the highest sanitary conditions.
KHSlabeler has an automatic head height adjustment device, so manual activity is required when the style of the bottle changes.
Base stations operate according to the principle of rotation.
Of course, the best label extraction and uniform glue transfer is a problem.
The use of two automatic label magazines means that the workload of the machine operator is minimal.
In addition to having flexible options to handle different bottle sizes and shapes, innoget KL 2060 has other flexible configuration options.
For example, the size of the pitchcircle diameter enables Brauerei Martens to add an additional pressure sensitive label station in the future.
Then it is also possible to apply wet glue labels and pressure-
The sensitive label on the bottle, even the combination of wet glue and adhesive label.
During the labeling process, it is important, among other things, to pay special attention to the special requirements of PETbottles and label materials for the glue to be used.
As a turnkey supplier, KHS provides glue in the form of innocolll label glue that perfectly matches the specific application.
And qualitative evaluation of label materials in khs\'s own laboratory, including testing the interaction of bottles, glue and labels, before the label adhesive is put into use, on-site consultation and trial operation under actual conditions were also carried out.
From the labeling machine, the bottle is fed into the buffer table.
Here, the character of space is also conveyed very gently --
Save component.
The attraction of the point of sale the next step in this process is contraction-
Pack PETbottles into 6-packs by two-
Lane KHS Kisters Innopack SP 060 shrinkpacker.
Using printed plastic film, this effectively attracts the attention of the point of sale to the product.
In addition to providing mechanical equipment, KHS Kisters provides
How about the proper rubber film.
Based on extensive field testing, determine the grade and thickness of the film required for the application.
The printed plastic film is precisely positioned through a servo drive and special sensory equipment.
After packaging in the film, the package is transmitted to the shrink tunnel through the speed compensation band, where the temperature can accurately adapt to the film and the package size.
This shrinkpacker alsofeatures has a high degree of flexibility.
Format conversion can be easily programmed as needed and completed quickly.
The elevator transfers the shrink bag to about four-
Meterlevel, which is then delivered to the dry area of Innopal PM pallet, in the case of elevated container delivery, the area uses pallet lifts and double-
A shuttle platform.
Like deptizer, this is also done using innovative modular designsarea concept.
Just like the usual case with the innovative khsmodule dry area concept, the whole dry area is controlled by PC
Based on the control computer.
Unlike past control concepts, this solution uses an intelligence to transfer information to all system components via modern bus devices, thus eliminating all interface issues.
Therefore, the interface problem has become the past.
With the development of new equipment, Brauerei Martens has taken a decisive step towards their own future, while also affecting the future of the whole brewing industry.
Even today, Brauerei Martens has received some European and international inquiries about beer in PET bottles, from the subject of factory works to the possibility of bottling under contract.
Frans Martens: \"We are proud that by supplying PET bottles to the Aldi group across Germany, we have also set a trend in industries that transcend national borders.
In this regard, we are also proud of the KHSsystem concept, which fully meets our requirements and without it, our future in PET is impossible.
\"Not only recently, however, the brewery has become a member of the international arena.
As early as the beginning of 1960, export activities began.
Beer Exports now account for 75% of total beer production.
Together with Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden and other European countries, the European market and Japan, Hong Kong and Israel, there is also a growing interest in Martens private brands and trademarks.
Today, Brauerei Martens produced ten kinds of beer.
The main focus on Pils accounts for 90% of the total.
The brewery produces 35% of the products in the form of a private brand, while 65% of the products involve trademark and contract filling.
More figures are proof of the fact that Brauerei Martens, with its objective trademark and no-return policy.
Just a decade ago, beer production was only half what it produced today, reaching 750,000 hl.
Five years ago, the first million
He has not been contacted yet.
That means production has increased by about 500,000 over the past five years.
In January, Martens said he was optimistic about plans for the future.
He reported: \"We have high hopes for PET and we think we will be able to continue to show that we are experts in filling beer in PET bottles.
\"When people think that one of the features of brauerei Martens in history is to make impossible possible after the initial successful pet sport, it should certainly be a practice that Martens is easier to do
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