how do i make a claw machine?

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-04-16
If you want to practice winning prizes for your loved one, or just want to do a fun activity for your family, make a claw machine.
The claw machine is also known as a crane or excavator game.
The original excavator was built in 1896 as a candy supplier for a penny.
The game evolved into a gambling machine in the 1940 s, from which users could get five cents, and was later banned in 1951.
Although the world has changed a lot since then, the basic principle of the claw machine remains unchanged. Cut a 2-
Use a hand saw to extend the length of the PVC pipe with a diameter of 2 inch. Drill two 1/4-
Equal spacing using power drill bits and 1/4-1 inch holes at the top edge of the pipeinch drill bit. Cut a 1 7/8-
1/2 inch stake in length.
Drill three holes through the radius of the circle.
Make the space of the hole equal.
Drill two external holes to 1/4 diameter using power drill bit and 1/4-inch drill bit.
Drill Center holes to 1/2 diameter using power drill bits and 1/2inch drill bit.
Place three holes on the side of the roll.
The hole eye is equal to the hole eye space down the hole eye.
Glue the bottom of the hole eye to the roller using a hot glue gun.
Insert three S hooks in the three holes of the hole eye.
Squeeze the upper half of the S hook with pliers and attach them to the eyelet.
Cut the fish line into two 6-
Put inches with scissors
Month on two holes at both ends of the outer hole of the fishwire-inch PVC pipe.
Insert the relative ends of the fish line through the top hole of the roll and tie them together. Cut a 3-
Inch PVC pipe into two 3/4-
Use inches of a handsaw. Cut the 3/4-
Half an inch for C-shaped pieces. Drill 1/8-
Three inch holes near the C end
Parts of the shape, using electric drills and 1/8-inch drill bit.
Insert the lower half of the S hook into C-shaped pieces.
Squeeze the lower half of the S hook and attach them to C-
Shape pieces using pliers.
Cut the line to a length of 6 inch and make a big knot at the end of the line.
Insert the other end of the fish line into 5/8-inch sinker.
The sinking man rested on the big knot.
Insert the end of the pairing surface through the hole in C-
Forming parts and intermediate holes on wooden piles.
In the lower right corner of the carton 2 inch by 4 inch by 12 inch by 12 inch there is a hole 6 inch.
Cut the top and side walls of 2 inch x 4 inch carton.
Insert the box inside the box and cut the wall outward.
Place the box in the outer box adjacent to the hole.
Boxes and holes are used to remove drop shots of captured objects or prizes.
Cut a 8 inch by 8 inch hole on the same side with a tool knife.
Cover the hole with plastic wrap and tape the edge of the plastic wrap in the box.
11-cut 1 inch
Inches holes on top of left and right sides of the box.
Place the hole 1 inch from the top left and right.
Insert the wooden pile end with a diameter of 1 inch and a length of 24 inch into the holes on the left and right sides.
Tie the end of the fish line attached to the claw to the middle of the wooden pile.
Mobile pin positioning claw.
Pull the rope up and grab the item with claws.
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