in pod we trust: how capsule coffee got cool

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Wake up and smell the coffee: It\'s more and more likely to come from pods, not pots.
Today, there are 17 countries in the UK that have a coffee machine (
Could be a capsule specially designed for Suo, Tassimo or Dolce Gusto)
In addition, 19 percentage points said they were interested in owning one.
According to British minte, sales of coffee pods reached pounds in 2015.
But are they worth it?
There\'s no doubt that they\'re easy-machines get hot in a few seconds, which means you can fix caffeine in less than a minute.
No messy coffee grounds-only a neat capsule.
Still, earlier this year, the government office in Hamburg banned the use of pod machines because they caused waste.
While they are recyclable, most people just throw used capsules into the landfill. Price-
It\'s wise that once you invest in a coffee machine (
You can pick up a Tassimo machine from around £ 20, while a basic Nespresso machine will push you back £ 70)
The price of a capsule is from 25 p to 40 p or so, which is good compared to making a small cafe.
As for the taste of the coffee itself, although there are pictures of George Clooney sipping on Nespresso, serious coffee nerds tend to scoff.
An expert told me: \"There is no problem with the quality of the beans, but they are baked very quickly and very dark.
\"The result is from the chain stores on the street, not from the bright coffee equivalent to coffee, which is favored by connoisseurs and Fashion specialty coffee shops, and their focus is on the complexity of taste, rather than the rapid impact of caffeine.
But all this is changing: After the British company Dualit won a lawsuit against Nespresso in 2013, a new generation of boutique coffee sellers joined the pod pack, it is legal for other companies to sell coffee beans compatible with Nespresso machines.
Coffee Roaster Pact Coffee in bermonsey, London is now available through its website (£14. 95 for 40)
And Notting Hill-
A series of biodegradable capsules were stored based on Cru Kafe (from £3. 48 for 12). Husband-and-
Team of wives of Maxwell and Leslie Coruna
Dashwood runs an avid Bath coffee shop, roastery Colonna and Smalls, and they will also launch their own pods.
In the past five years, Maxwell has won the British Barista Championship three times and entered the final of the World Barista Championship. The Colonna-
Dashwoods did take their coffee very seriously: Maxwell worked extensively with scientists including chemist Christopher Henden to study the effect of mineral content in water on coffee flavor. Nerdy?
You bet, but he still sold 6,000 copies of his own.
Although there is no list of this on Amazon, the book was published.
Starting at the end of next month, the power behind the new Colonna pods is to make high
Regular drinkers can drink coffee.
\"Even the best coffee shops can\'t usually afford more than £ 20 per kilogram of coffee beans,\" Maxwell explained . \".
A variety like Panama Geisha coffee, with what Maxwell calls an \"exciting aroma and floral fragrance,\" inspired a book called \"God in the Cup, mainly buyers in the Far East.
In high quality coffee sales in Honduras Cup of excellent coffee this year set the new of record some green of not baking coffee beans to the 100 1 kg more GBP.
Maxwell bought the seventh most expensive bean, or a cup.
Exciting 1 kg.
This kind of thing is perfect for families who drink coffee, says Maxwell.
\"There is business in the cafe.
They worry that an expensive cup of coffee will deteriorate before people buy it.
The enthusiasts at home do not need to prove that the profit is reasonable.
As a result, online retail sales of coffee are booming.
There is a real demand for quality coffee.
Maxwell insists that the technique of the capsule is good and he says it\'s the best way to get the perfect cup in your own kitchen.
Any problem with the flavor depends on the quality and baking of the beans inside-except for the inert gas in the ground coffee and pod, usually nitrogen or xenon.
These factors are important, he said.
It is difficult to obtain perfect grinding at home, in part because it is difficult to quantify: \"One person\'s medium is fine grinding of another person, and even machines with numbered grinding levels vary greatly.
The amount of coffee in Pods is also very good.
\"I told people to use 15 grams, how many do they say are in the spoon?
Said Maxwell.
Inert gas is also the key.
We were all told that it was freshly baked and fresh.
Coffee is the best.
Most coffee Bakers believe that coffee should be used about three weeks after baking and recommend grinding coffee beans before brewing.
Maxwell says putting coffee into the capsule, in which any excess space is filled with inert gas, means that the ground coffee stays longer on peak mass.
\"Capsules are the ultimate way to store coffee.
At some point in the year, when green coffee is old, I can make a capsule that tastes better than what I do in a coffee shop.
\"This Week, Nespresso launched a shop in London\'s cheap market selling only coffee made from pods, and Maxwell believes that more coffee shops will start selling capsule coffee while selling tradition
This is partly because they can buy a small amount of premium capsules and sell connoisseur\'s coffee without huge investment.
At the same time, we can succeed at a small price in China.
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