innovative sticker labeling machine solution for modern state of art packaging line

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-04-04
Technical use: sticker labeling machine is an important technology in modern packaging lines in today\'s pharmaceutical, brewery and brewery, cosmetics and toiletries, lubricating oil and edible oil, pesticides and other industries, food, complementary food, etc.
Application: This technology/machine is used to apply self-adhesive labels on rigid containers.
Sticker labeling machines are used to increase product appeal, which is useful for customers to increase brand awareness.
The choice of label labeling machine: the choice of label labeling machine is very important because it depends on various factors such as the container type of the label, the shape of the container, the final output requirements of the packaging line.
We usually calculate the main evaluation factors first with the customer.
Type of sticker labeling machine: according to the shape of the container, we usually give the following types of machines: How does the sticker labeling machine technology work?
This machine is used for labels of circular containers previously filled and sealed.
Changes in container size do not require replacement of parts.
The machine conveyor will receive the container from the feed turntable, which will be separated by the feed roller assembly, keeping the predetermined space between the two containers according to the label length and container diameter.
When the label is detected by the container sensor, the label is placed immediately on the container, which ensures instant stickiness at the edge of the label.
It then causes accurate registration and creases by pressing the unit
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Unique Technology: The machine label applicator is controlled by efficient servo motors and built-in encoders and drives.
The application accuracy of labels is greatly improved.
If the bottle or label size changes, then, no extra parts are required, which means that you can easily adjust the type of container, thus saving manpower and reducing downtime for replacement time.
Due to the high quality metallurgical composition and use of CE-certified electronic products, we provide a complete CGMP model that can meet various international regulatory requirements.
The machine is highly automated due to the use of complex CE-certified electronic equipment and requires only one person to operate and supervise.
A facility that combines bulk coded printing (such as inkjet printing or hot foil coding and contact coding.
This is used to apply important bulk print information online on each label.
Optional function: automatic removal system with independent conveyor.
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