live cats are put inside a claw machine in china as a male gamer tries to grab one of the helpless felines

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-04-07
Claw Machine is one of the most popular arcade games in China.
However, a store put live cats into its claw-shaped machine, sparking strong protests from Internet users.
A recent video shows that the machine is located in an unspecified city, allowing customers to try to pick up the cat and put it in a funnel.
The video captured a person who played the claw machine, causing extreme comments on social media.
Video shows three cats
1 Black, 1 white with black spots and 1 black and white-
Trapped in a claw machine.
There is a sticker near the funnel of this machine that says \"master, Take Me Home \".
You can see a person moving his paw to a white cat.
As the video continued, a cat sitting behind was alerted.
It looks scared when the paw starts moving towards it.
The paw hit the white cat\'s neck, but it didn\'t pick it up.
The cat ran away, but the cat in the machine seemed to be scared.
The man in the video said :\'(The cat is)too fat.
The video was originally released on qq. com on April 9.
It was soon shared on Chinese social media.
According to Zhongtian TV, the shooting location is a city in China.
It is not clear whether this machine belongs to a pet shop.
Internet users have different views on video.
Some web users would love to try machines with live cats as they are interested in seeing how cats react.
Network users with the net name \"songhua107\" said, look at the cat\'s shocked face, how cute. \'I want to try!
Another user, k1ng, said, tell me where this is and I will bring some toys with me.
But animal lovers don\'t agree and blame animal rights on the owner of the machine.
\"The sharp claws will hurt the cat!
The user \"automatic planet\" said I was scared.
The cat was scared!
Another user, \"fantassyso\", commented that others believe such marketing gimmicks have had a negative psychological impact on cats.
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