mcdonald\'s worker posts vomit-worthy photos of an ice-cream machine

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-04-16
Unless the kitchen is your own, you can never be completely sure how clean it is.
This one looks really beautiful.
He told Huffington Post that earlier this month, a McDonald\'s employee from La Place, Luis Anna, lost his job after posting annoying photos of his workplace on Twitter.
Nick only asked for his name to be identified, and he first released a picture of what he said was a \"drip tray\" from the restaurant\'s ice cream machine.
This was taken from McDonald\'s ice cream machine in case everyone was curious. . . pic. twitter.
Com/DTXXpzE7CeNick posted another photo showing that the annoying item is not a grease trap from the grill, which is fast-food kitchens.
This is the side of the cream shower machine!
This is not on the photo of the grease trap. twitter.
Com/nMpnFxAvZ4He follows more lows from his company, including goo-covered floors. . . Nice and dirty. . . pic. twitter. com/vjxuVLJpgF. . .
When the image of his ice cream drip plate went viral, he made headlines from teen fashion to Cosmopolitan.
FoodBeast notes: \"It\'s clear that there\'s never been a big chunk of gunk in our ice cream, but you never want to see such a picture coming out of the restaurant.
Nick says a scene like this is the norm for the store where he started working in March.
Managers should clean up ice cream drips, he said, but he has never seen his manager do so.
He said the picture of the floor was taken before the restaurant\'s maintenance staff resigned.
\"Sometimes my colleagues throw the food away and put it back on the bread,\" Nick told Huffington Post . \".
\"I have seen it several times.
\"Of course, this does not reflect the situation of all McDonald\'s restaurants, and we have seen fast-
Famous food.
Just last week, a video of a chi mouse in Texas was transmitted by the virus.
But as Teen points out, these pictures remind us that sometimes the kitchen is not as sanitary as we thought.
Whether isolated or not, this event will definitely allow us to think twice before the next bite.
It also provides an opportunity for some of the classic junk lectures on catering services.
At Wendy\'s house. . . ? pic. twitter.
A McDonald\'s spokesman told Huffington Post in a statement that the dirty drip tray at Nick\'s restaurant did not reflect the company\'s standards.
\"We are committed to running great restaurants that provide quality food, service and clean environment to our customers,\" the statement wrote . \".
\"This is part of our soft service equipment that does not touch any food and needs to be cleaned regularly and in a timely manner.
Records from the health department in Anna State show that there are two McDonald\'s in LA.
On 2015, the latest health check in the online record showed that there were three \"serious corrections\" violations in one location, including cross-cutting
Contamination of raw materials and finished productsto-
Improper storage of food, toxic chemicals, and unclean surfaces and utensils.
Nick couldn\'t say where he was hired.
He said he was fired for posting photos but he agreed.
\"I don\'t think I did anything wrong,\" he said . \".
\"I sacrificed my work to show people what they really ate.
\"The story has been updated by McDonald\'s comments.
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