mind vending: unusual things sold in vending machines

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-04-18
A bakery in New York has opened the world\'s first cupcake vending machine. The ATM-
Fashion vendors outside the store now allow hungry customers to buy sweets 24 hours a day.
This is not the only unlikely thing you can get from vending machines around the world.
Here we show you another 10 odd automatic sockets.
Forget to go out for a bad takeaway after a night out. This free-
Stand on the pizza maker knead and roll your dough into 10 lbs in the pie.
There are over 200 toppings to choose from-ready in less than three minutes.
In 2009, \"Let our pizza machine\" was launched in Italy and quickly became a popular product in many European countries.
Of course you can\'t buy these vending machine bars with change.
In fact, 250 grams of gold bars from gold to machines can set you back thousands of pounds.
According to the current gold market, suppliers update prices every 10 minutes and can now be found in the US, Europe and the UAE.
This is a true self. checkout.
Residents of Clifton, Derbyshire can now hoard 24/7 of the necessities such as milk, eggs and pet food, thanks to the convenience store supplier installed this month.
Customers can use cash or cards to purchase goods and view available inventory online, while the machine notifies the manufacturer by email when the supply is insufficient. What a novel-
Ty vending machine that lets you get a book with just one click of the button.
These vendors are available at many airports around the world, offering a range of best-selling books and puzzle games to pass the time.
Even Apple followed the vend trend.
About a decade ago, when the first generation of iPod Nano was released, these gadget dispensers began to become popular around the world.
The fingertips taste Mexican.
$3 fee, USA-
A wide variety of hot and fast based on Burrito
In less than a minute, the taste of the food Rolls, such as sausage, eggs and cheese.
Every party girl\'s dream-this is an apartment vending machine when your dance shoes prove too unbearable.
British footwear designer Laura Solé launched its first outdoor shoe cabinet on Las Vegas Avenue in January.
Believers in Miami and Barcelona can now pray around the clock thanks to vending machines like this-it sells prayer candles to church visitors 24 hours a day.
This lobster supplier is both an interesting game and an instant food market, raising the phrase \"claw machine\" to a new level.
In restaurants across the United States, claw-catching games give customers 15 seconds to capture their shellfish.
The winner is then prepared for dinner by the chef for them.
Believe it or not, in the United States, you can even buy medicinal marijuana directly from a vending machine.
In 2012, self-driving-an automated machine developed to distribute drugs-was established in Santa Ana, California.
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