modern life causes tooth decay, and care is unaffordable

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Light gently touches the town on the morning of fall Friday: farmers and miners Bank, grocery store
Letteredsignboard is a yellow brick court that advertises sugar for sale.
In many ways, this is Jonesville, the county seat of Lee County, the poorest county in Virginia, and the farthest Appalachian county here.
On this day, all the attention is focused on the suburbs, where the preparations for the free health clinic will be held on the weekend at the small airport are in progress.
The first group of patients will begin to arrive in a few hours.
They will come from roads and highways, nearby towns and valleys further away from southwest Virginia and Kentucky.
Some people hardly have enough gas to go to Jonesville.
A woman drove from Tennessee with her broken glasses in her arms.
Truck and chestx-
Raymachine has stopped at one end of the runway.
When the sky is a little clear, an old plane will fly on the mountain, bringing folding dental chairs, medical equipment, surgical gauze and glove boxes from Knoxville.
The clinic is organized by the medical volunteer team in remote areas (RAM)
This is a non-profit organization that has led hundreds of missions since its inception in 1985 and has brought medical aid to some of the poorest places on Earth.
This will be Ram\'s first visit to Jonesville.
But health problems in the Appalachian region
Cancer, diabetes, joint injury
Nothing new.
Bad teeth are nothing new.
Toothache is nothing new. In LeeCounty —
Remote, isolated and poor
The shortage of various health care is a long-term problem.
Insufficient staff in primary and mental health care.
The shortage of dentists is the worst.
According to federal estimates, about 49 million Americans live in communities designated as dental specialty shortages --
One of them is LeeCounty.
If there is a shortage of local dentists like Li county, there is also a shortage of money to pay them.
\"These people are not forgotten,\" explains John Osborne, head of dental at RAM, a Knoxville dentist.
\"The system has passed.
\"At these free weekend clinics, hundreds, sometimes even thousands of sore teeth are pulled out.
Loss of teeth due to illness may indicate other loss of quality of life.
In terms of oral health, complete tooth loss or tooth loss is called \"the ultimate sign of the burden of disease \".
This is a symbol of failure.
The teeth after tooth extraction will not grow back.
However, when routine care is delayed for a long time, when more complex procedures cannot be realized or selected, the extract meets the urgent need to relieve infection and relieve pain.
The news of the Li County RAM clinic program captured headlines in local newspapers.
People talked about it in churches, gas stations and coffee shops in the United States for a few days. S. 58 bypass.
At the airport this Friday, as volunteers struggled to build a field hospital with tents and folding tables, excitement filled the air.
Volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists and health workers are from out of town \".
A man with a \"friend of coal\" bumper sticker on his truck came here with a pizza.
A member of the high school football team, General Li county, is waiting in a red-numbered jersey to help unload the plane and eat pizza on the runway quietly and hungry.
Then there\'s a deep one.
You can hear the roar of throated, and everyone looks up at the sky.
\"Here comes the plane!
Shouted someone.
47 freighters landed smoothly, then glistening on the narrow runway at the foot of the mountain.
Stan Brok, founder of Ram, a skinny, charismatic Englishman
Bornadventurer greeted the crowd in a calm, serious way.
As usual, he was wearing a rustic shirt and trousers, all brown.
Block was known for its water dragon fish in the 1960 s-wrestling co-
Star of Omaha Wild Kingdom TV show mutual aid.
When he launched RAM, his initial goal was to provide health care to people living in remote areas
He visited the third world during his trip.
But when he found out that the United States had someone in urgent need of help, he began organizing clinics closer to home. (
Block died in August 29, 2018 after the book was published. He was 82.
The organization he created, \"Medical in remote areas\", is continuing his work. )
Brok told the football players that the plane they saw was used to invade.
One day, young people of their own age parachuted out of the plane at June parach6, 1944.
\"A lot of young people didn\'t come back,\" he explained, as the football players listened with a shy attention.
Then it\'s time to go to work.
These actions honed by Brock over the years are military-accurate and help convey their urgency.
In the direction of Brok, football players began to transport carefully organized boxes of materials from the plane.
Slowly and methodically, the hospital finally took shape on the weekend.
Areas are set up for medical tests and exams.
Glasses are provided free of charge.
Airport waiting room transformed into asix-
President of dental clinic
When the cold of the evening fell on the mountain, a row of cars and pickup trucks were already formed on the way to the airport.
In the darkness before dawn on Saturday, about 400 people were waiting. Worn-
Out-of-town miners, old farmers, tired housewives, and unemployed workers all took their numbers at the door, wrapped in coats and blankets.
Charlton Strader, a retired construction director with tremor and chronic blocked lung disease, said he had dental benefits in the past, but he lost them.
He said his teeth had begun to \"break \".
\"I have always had a problem that bothers me,\" he said . \".
Randy Peters, a former miner and bed-pad worker with multiple hardening, also suffers from his teeth.
\"I have several broken and several bad tooth decay,\" he said . \".
\"So I can\'t eat.
Ernest hodeway, a disabled miner, said he was here to pull his teeth.
\"It won\'t hurt you, but it will,\" he predicted . \"
When he had to leave the coal mine, his dental insurance was over.
Now his teeth are beginning to disappoint him.
\"My teeth have been fine until I start taking arthritis drugs,\" he explained . \".
\"No one wants to lose their teeth.
I heard you have a good life for a few years.
\"He said he had just paid off the $1,500 he owed for pulling out three bad molars teeth, and he was told to pull out these bad molars teeth before knee surgery.
He is still fighting to save his leg. He showed it.
Terrible swelling.
\"I\'m a good person, but I\'m sure I \'ve been tested,\" he said . \".
When the sun rises completely, the city center of Jonesville is empty.
\"Everyone was pulled out of their teeth at Ram,\" said the waitress at the coffee shop . \".
Throughout the day, the patient came out of the dental clinic and clenched the gauze between the remaining teeth.
They sit in the folding chair under the tent to recover, or wait for friends and relatives who are still in service.
\"I \'ve been pulled twice,\" said unemployed nurse Emma Marcy . \".
\"One was infected under the filler.
Marsee\'s daughter, a waitress, is also waiting to be taken care of in the tent.
Marsee says her financial security depends on her smile.
\"It\'s all about appearance,\" said Marsee, a strawberry blonde with golden eyes.
Who wants a waitress with bad teeth \"if you\'re not healthy --
Look at the individual ,[customers]
Don\'t want that person to take care [them].
Everyone in that big tent is struggling.
\"It\'s hard in this area because there\'s no work,\" Marsee said . \".
Even if people are sitting in folding chairs, some people\'s behavior shows fatalism and they are tired of themselves.
Destruction: The girl with her teeth badly rotted drank another Coke.
A thin mother holds a cup of sweet juice waiting for the baby to see the dentist.
The woman who smoked the cigarette coughed so badly.
A study by the Southwest Virginia Federation of graduate medical education found that \"nerves\" are a common complaint in the region.
\"The neural cause that is often reported is that there are too many problems and too few solutions,\" the authors of a study on the problem found (
Southwest Virginia Federation of graduate medical education, \"Report to the Virginia Parliament, January 2008).
The consortium concluded that residents in the area were more likely to commit suicide than people living elsewhere in the state.
Marsee is also familiar with the dark side.
\"Drug abuse in this area is terrible,\" she said . \"
It\'s shown in some hopeless drugs. Black Teeth
The region has long been poor, but people hate to move on.
\"Your roots are here,\" Marsee said . \".
\"It\'s hard to leave it.
\"There is an ancient and beautiful theme --
The green woods are shrouded in the mountains.
The love of family, the good of neighbors, the good of strangers.
When they die, the teeth burn.
This is a very old pain.
There is silent evidence on the human fossil record: the unearthed ancient Egyptian mummy with a parcel on the lower jaw.
Alaska\'s front teeth, tired of a simple tool, sometimes between 1300 and 1700. D.
Apparently to relieve the abscess.
The teeth of the Danish people in the Middle Ages have a rosary (
Charlotte Roberts and Keith Manchester, Archaeology of diseases, 82).
Decay is a progressive disease that, if not controlled, causes extreme pain and tooth shedding.
There are many factors.
Diet plays a major role.
In a very old age, when there is less and less exquisite food, toothache is a curse of privilege.
When sugar becomes cheaper, tooth decay, the main cause of toothache, becomes more common.
The habit of drinking sweet soda has been widely influenced.
A stable bath of sugar will never allow the teeth to be repaired and remineralised on their own.
Now, hundreds of ordinarythe-
Prescription drugs taken by millions of Americans make teeth more prone to illness.
One of their side effects is dry mouth, which reduces the natural flow of saliva to clean and buffer teeth, helping to protect teeth from decay.
If there is no fluoride to strengthen the teeth, there is not enough regular home care, and there is no timely professional care, the process of the disease will progress.
Severe toothache is not uncommon.
Millions of Americans experience toothache.
A study by the American Dental Association found that economic factors were the main reason why Americans delayed access to the required professional dental care.
Private or even public dental benefits can help pay for services.
But in 2014, it was estimated that there was a complete shortage of Americans.
While the national health care reform plan, which signed into law in 2010, took significant steps to expand access to dental services for children, it did less in addressing the system of adult fragmentation.
Even many working adults with private health insurance do not have adequate dental insurance.
While regular preventive visits can be covered, beneficiaries typically need to pay a percentage of the cost of surgery such as filling, Crown, root canal and implants, which can run to hundreds, thousands of dollars. Among U. S.
A 2015 survey found that for adults struggling with unpaid medical expenses, 12 u202f % of dental bills accounted for the largest share of the bills they paid for the problem.
The researchers concluded: \"Insurance is not a panacea for solving these problems . \"
Most people with dental benefits will lose them after retirement.
Health insurance is a health care program in the United States that covers about 55 million elderly and disabled people, but does not include regular dental services.
Of the more than 1 million residents in nursing homes in the United States, many have particularly severe dental problems.
Since 1987, when federal law sets new standards for institutions receiving health insurance and Medicaid funding, nursing homes are required to provide oral health care services.
However, in the daily cycle of cleaning, turning over and replacing bedridden and disabled patients, simple brushing and dentures care is often overlooked.
The authors of a survey note: \"Clinical studies in most nursing home residents report that oral hygiene is generally inadequate and that related dental, gum, and periodontal conditions are also prevalent . \".
\"Medical and care services are provided almost uniformly, while dental and mental health services are rarely provided.
\"Visits by dental professionals are also rare in many institutions.
Many patients at Louis Anna State dentist Gregory Falls say he has been in his rounds of nursing homes and has not been cared for years.
When he looked at the mouth of a new patient, he was not surprised to find rotten, rampant infections, broken limbs in his teeth, and even cancer in his mouth.
As the dental director of these families, he was given an allowance.
Most patients receive Medicaid, but there are very few adult dental benefits in the state.
Folse estimated that he donated more services than he charged for Medicaid.
He said that he travels 40 to 50,000 miles through the jungle and the Bay every year, drives a pickup truck, carries portable tools and instruments, sets up facilities in nursing homes, community rooms and beauty salons to repair false teeth, tooth extraction.
\"900 patients with severe gum disease or abscess.
Half my patients.
I took all the swollen ones away.
Everyone is in pain.
All the loose teeth
I help them as much as I can.
No money, no money.
Families pay some, nursing homes.
Nobody pays sometimes. I do it.
\"It\'s a challenge for some patients to have dementia and let them open their mouths.
The work is rewarding, he said.
\"I have a patient in a wheelchair.
She had a stroke.
She was happy to have her dentures.
She reached out and grabbed her wallet.
She got inside.
She found a piece of bread. ‘Here doc. Take it.
\"I don\'t want to eat her last piece of bread,\" FRES said with a smile . \".
\"I don\'t know how long it took to put it at the bottom of her wallet.
We have to give up because we are rich.
She gave me her poverty.
\"The rate of tooth damage is a serious economic indicator.
The poor are more likely to suffer from toothache.
Their oral health is worse and it\'s hard to find a dentist who will treat them.
The lack of funding to pay for health care is a major hurdle: one out of every five Americans is covered with Medicaid, a huge federal
The national health care program for the poor.
However, since only a small number of dentists see Medicaid patients, insurance does not guarantee access to treatment.
Under Medicaid, children are entitled to dental care, but often face difficulties in accessing services.
Less than half of dentists see any Medicaid patients in most states included in the 2010 study in the United States. S.
Office of Government Accountability
A 2016 study by the American Dental Association found that in the program\'s database of insured children, the proportion of dentists registered as Medicaid providers nationwide was 42.
But this percentage does not necessarily reflect the percentage of dentists actually participating in this program.
\"That doesn\'t mean you see a child with Medicaid.
That doesn\'t mean you have an open date, \"said Marko Vujicic, an economist who helped lead the study.
\"Think of it as what it is.
This is the best data we have.
\"This is more difficult for adult beneficiaries of Medicaid.
Adult dental benefits are an optional part of the state Medicaid program.
They are the first line of projects during the fiscal tightening period and will eventually become the chopping board for the budget.
Toothache is the destroyer of sleep.
They make it very painful to eat, work and raise children.
It is the poor who are most likely to pray to heaven for relief.
They resort to legal and illegal drugs and civilian remedies.
Some even pulled their teeth out of despair.
In the free clinic in Li county, in the solid, stoic mountain people, Tabitha Hay, her fragile face and dark eyes looked like a lost Tropical was blown away by the storm.
She and her motherin-
Lao and her husband arrived at the clinic after the 13 th.
Bellevue, Florida is an hour\'s drive away. They were self-employed.
They clean the house and take care of the pets. off retirees.
After work on Friday night, they drove all night to Jonesville.
All three of them need to be taken care of, but Tabitha, twenty
Six, the most needed.
She was tortured by a molar tooth that rotted under the filling.
\"I feel like my chin is squashed,\" she said . \".
\"Sometimes the pressure is like an explosion.
I\'m hungry, but I can\'t eat it.
In order to sleep, I have to put a heating pad on it and nothing can eliminate the pain.
\"After missing a week of work, she tried to get back to work the day before her trip.
\"I try to work.
I can\'t do anything.
I cried in the back seat.
A dentist in Florida told her that the cost of the withdrawal would reach $500, she said.
That\'s the money she didn\'t have.
She arrived too late to receive care at the free clinic on Saturday.
She was told to wait until Sunday.
At night, she slept in red Kia with her husband and mother --in-
Face another night of pain.
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