on-line pet bottle thickness gauging brings responsive process control. (blow molding - close-up).

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-04-05
* Chris Robinson, director of quality assurance at Bowling Green, said maintaining the wall thickness required for the neck, shoulders, walls and bottom of PET bottles is an ongoing challenge for blow molding machines, Ohio, southeast container plant (SEC)Group Inc.
\"The problem with most bottles is related to the thickness,\" Robinson said . \".
Choke neck, Pearl feet, or thin side walls are common problems.
\"There are several variables in the blowing bottle, including the quality resin, mass and machine group of hot, humidity premade rods --
\"Okay,\" added maintenance guy Tim Atkinson --
Team coach at the factory.
In order to control all of these variables, molder needs to be real
Time information about the distribution of materials in bottles taken out of the machine.
But until recently, there was no system that could provide such data.
Before a brand new QC instrument arrives, the SEC must be on the off-
Carry out production line inspection of sample bottles produced every hour.
The SEC cut the bottle and weighed it as an indirect measure of wall thickness.
This method does not allow timely adjustment of the Sidel re-heat stretch of SEC.
Each bottle blowing machine can produce tens of thousands of bottles per hour. \"Any bottle-
\"Quality problems can affect production for an entire hour,\" Robinson said . \".
For the SEC Group, a 7-
Plant cooperative specializing in the manufacture of PET containers for coca
Coke bottles, the consistency of the product is crucial.
The solution to this problem comes from Agr * Top Wave LLC, Butler, Pa.
, Introduced the first device to measure the wall-thickness in-line with high-
PET bottles are fast to produce.
David A said that the company\'s new PETWaIl instrument checks each bottle when each bottle is taken out of the molding machine.
Dineff, product marketing director at Agr * topave. On a dual-
The device uses two infrared sensors at each discharge to measure the two points on the bottle.
With only one discharge, PETWall can hold four sensors, four thickness readings per bottle.
Take the reading within 0.
2 seconds or less, so the device can handle up to 30,000 bottles/br per discharge.
The accuracy of the measurement is said to be 0. 001 in.
\"The device can identify the process trend before the process trend becomes a production problem, shorten the detection reaction time, determine the cause, and adjust the blow molding device to solve the problem,\" Robinson said . \".
The operator uses the reading of PETWall to adjust the heating area in the molding machine.
The system has been commercial since then, and the price is below $75,000 depending on the system settingsup. Real-
The time detection consists of an infrared plate and a cylindrical sensing head.
When the light level passes through a part of the bottle, the device measures infrared absorption.
The processor of the system converts this information into an average Wall.
Thickness measurement.
The system can measure up to 5 bottles.
Diam, corresponding to the typical three-liter bottle.
The SEC configured two of it-
Divide the output into two fly-up bottle lines.
Each discharge has two sensor heads and the neck and bottom of each bottle can be seen.
Wall required for operator programming-
Free thickness control limit
Station operation interface. The flat-
The panel monitor displays a graphical rendering of the bottle, showing the position of the sensor when measuring.
Thickness measurements within the preset upper and lower limits control range are shown as green.
Yellow indicates a wall thickness that is not very good but still acceptable, and red indicates an unacceptable wall thickness.
In this way, the operator can quickly and intuitively display wall thickness readings from each sensor.
The operator immediately knows when to adjust the heating area and immediately sees the results of these process changes.
PETWall also offers
Control the minute average chart for the upper and lower limits so that the operator can see if the process is out of control.
\"This is where the system goes beyond checking and sorting out bad bottles, giving the operator enough product information that is relevant to what is happening inside the blow molding unit,\" said Atkinson . \".
Robinson noted that the SEC also conducts a visual inspection of bottle defects and contamination at least once an hour.
Since July, the SEC has installed PETWall systems on its machinesliter bottles.
The SEC produced clear and green packaging at the bank and found that there was no difference in the color of the bottle.
The company is now setting up PETWall on the second line, which will make 20-az bottles.
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