outputs keep rising for pet, opp, hdpe.

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Most importantly, the process control of PET bottles is better. * Deep-
Grip PET bottle set new mark.
* OPP bottles match the speed of pets.
* Double the output of the series blow bottle.
Coex blow molding machine is the largest blow molding machine ever.
In the more unusual blow molding development of K 2004, one item is closed-
Cycle control system to monitor and correct material distribution during PET Container production.
And a novel, top-and-
The world\'s largest co-extrusion blow molding machine bottom extrusion blow molding machine system, a new deep
First, grab PET bottle design
Electric re-thermal stretching-
Blow the molder, and one more
Electric extrusion blowing device with automatic support-
Itinerary adjustment. (
There are no new devices from Jomar, Novapak, Plastimac, Uniloy Milacron, and Wilmington that appear in our September show preview below)
The new control tool AGR TopWave LLC integrates PETWall thickness-
Monitoring system using virtual prototype software of plastic technology company(PTI)
Create a closed
Loop control system for PET stretchingblow molding.
Ron Puvak, AGR TopWave\'s business, said: \"This is a new window to understand changes in material distribution . \"
Director of Development.
\"This is a new proactive tool to eliminate manual adjustments.
\"A few years ago, AGR TopWave and PTI jointly developed the PETWall system, which checks each container during production to quickly detect process changes that affect quality.
The system visually checks the defects and checks the walls-
Distribution of thickness and calculation of shelf-
Lifetime Estimation Based on thickness data.
So far, any process adjustment based on this data has to be done manually.
Now, the FITs virtual prototyping software analyzes the results of the PETWall system, generates a set of updated processing conditions, and directly feeds back to the molding machine for any adjustments.
AGR TopWave said it was closed-
The circulation system will keep up with the production of most PET blow molding machines-
Up to 70,000 bottles/hour.
The system will be commercialized in the medium termto-late 2005.
No price, but a booth.
The PETWall system alone can cost $80,000 to $100,000, and PTI\'s virtual prototyping software can be licensed for $20,000 to $50,000/year.
PET pushes the limits of PET machinery development, and the Nissei ASB uses its one-stage, four-station ASB-70DPH stretch-blow unit.
The company says this bottle (for edible oil)
About 20mm deeper than the traditional design, allowing the user to hold it as safely as the full handle.
By eliminating the need for a secondary handle, the depth handle is expected to reduce the total production cost by 30%.
It is difficult to produce such a deep, non-through-
Processing Design in PET according to salesp. Robert Hyams.
The solution includes proprietary mold design and special adjustment stations, which include additional devices for temperature adjustment.
The bottle blank must be thick enough to keep the extra heat required to blow the bottle out to the necessary depth.
At the show, nisei used three-
Cavity on 18. 5-
583 bottles/hour cycle for Sec.
The target applications include juice, water and liquor.
Nisxi also released the model PF8-4B VK4, a \"1. 5-
Stage \"injection stretching-
The output is higher than the previous PF8 strike device-4B model.
The machine using the \"cold type Blank\" technology has dry typeCycle time of 3.
25 seconds contrast 4.
5 seconds for the previous model.
The overall cycle time is 8. 7 sec.
The machine makes the round and not
Up to 1 round container.
5L with neck diameter up to 38mm. Urola S. C.
The introduction of URBI 2 in Spain is said to be the first
Electric re-thermal stretching-
Blow molding machine.
The unit has a footprint (8 x 9 ft)
About 50% smaller than the previous hydraulic unit. The two-
The cavity unit features fast mold replacement and oven, improving energy efficiency and cost savings by using two heating modules in a shorter oven.
URBI 2 is soft for water and carbonated-
Beverage bottles with a maximum neck diameter of 38mm, up to 2L.
The output is 3200 bottles/hour
2000/hour of previous model.
Ulora is also developing a four. cavity unit.
SIG Corpoplast has introduced PET machines with the largest capacity to date.
The Blomax 24 rotary re-heat model has 24 blow stations that can produce up to 43,200 bottles/hour sizes up to 1 bottle. 5L.
The compact Blomax 24 covers the same floor area as the Blomax 20 (
20 sites, 30,000/hour)
However, output increased significantly.
The faster speed is the direct coupling of the lighter mold carrier and the semi-motion of each station mold base and mold cavity.
Other changes allow for a 25% faster product replacement.
In order to make bottles of different lengths, a longitudinal adjustable stretch bar is not required to be replaced.
Now, a stretch bar can be used for all bottle lengths.
SIPA in Italy is developing a new barrier
PET bottle coating technology, called intelligent coating.
The machine maker is working with another Italian company and has set up a pilot production line at its headquarters near Venice.
After blowing, the bottle will soak
Coating, then flash
Dry in an infrared oven.
Another coating was applied and the bottle was cured by uv. The stand-alone dip-
The coating unit can handle about 12,000 bottles/hour.
Single shelf lifeserve 500-
The Cc bottle is said to be a year of coated PET.
Bottle without coating for 7 weeks.
Carbonated soft drinks are a target for the new coating, which should be available within a year.
The new system from the German Krone is a compression system.
Air use during stretching
Reduced operating costs.
The air wizard optimization package for hardware and software targets three areas.
It focuses on reducing the volume of dead space, reducing the blowing pressure and recycling the blowing air.
The modification reduces the volume of the valve block and blow nozzle from 500 ml to 250 cc.
The process has not changed since the flow cross section of the blowing air remains unchanged, crowns said.
Aviation consumption here could save more than 7%.
By optimizing the process, blowing-
To meet the requirements of the bottle, the air pressure can be reduced, and cost savings can still be achieved for air up to 25%.
Finally, after forming, blow part of the air under pressure
The relief phase can be used for other functions such as pre-
Blow and stretch.
This saves up to 25% of air consumption.
All of these upgrades to its Contiform S16 stretch, kelance estimates.
Blowing blow can save more than $120,000/year in total.
OPP challenged France\'s PET Sidel to set a new benchmark in stretching
Blow molding of transparent PP bottle.
Sidel, in collaboration with additive manufacturer Milliken Chemical, demonstrated that transparent PP dairy products and juice bottles can be stretched at a rate of 1500 bottles/hour per cavity--
Price to compete with pets.
Make OPP bottle cost breakthrough
Effective for food and drinks.
The resin is a random polymer PP from Brazil\'s Braskem, clarified with Millad 3988 of Milliken and blown on Sidel\'s SBO 8 machine.
According to Milliken, resin optimization, pre-forming design and machine conditions have all played a role in development.
Sidel and Miliken signed a cooperation agreement to expand the scope of technology.
Brazilian molder Packpet is launching production 250 for the first time-
Cc juice bottle from Tampico, a brand of Taylor Shanshui companyin Poca, W. Va.
Squeeze strike news Bekum shows its new tandem strike process on BM-
206 shuttle.
Pinch each of the three pairs to make two tail-facing bottles, one from the top and one from the bottom.
This method not only doubles the output of the machine, but it is said that there is greater potential than the previous method in which a needle is used to blow two bottles facing the neckThat needle-
The blowing technology can only deliver limited air volume through restricted channels.
At the show, 14-g, 250-
The Cc HDPE bottle is blown at a speed of 3300/hour, which is in double-sided machine.
Parison programmers describe these two bottles on each parison.
The bottle pair is cut and trimmed in the machine and placed upright on the outlet conveyor belt.
Bekum also launched high-capacity BM-806D double-
Double-sided shuttle machine.
It can run up to 20 cavities of 700
Ml bottles and containers below 10L. Direct-
The agent hydraulic clamp can be easily adjusted according to different mold thickness.
The unit also controls the force distribution between the fixture and the hydraulic calibration station, so that the calibration force does not go directly into the machine frame as previously complex, heavy and restricted designs.
At the exhibition, the machine produced 300-
Cc high density polyethylene shampoo bottles are in 16 holes of 5760 bottles/hour.
The cycle time is 10 seconds.
The world\'s largest co-extrusion blow made by Rikutec, Germany, has been sold to Fralo Plastech Mfg. in Syracuse, N. Y.
Revenue from Fralo will reach 1500gal, four-
Rikutec\'s model GBM s6 000/A 650 coex 400 E 4/4 is A layered septic tank weighing 140.
The machine has 400-
660 liter storage head-ton clamp. The 6-meter-
Tall mold has a screw down device to make the internal thread of the tank.
Tank measures 4. 9 x 3. 9 x 15.
1 ft, containing the two layers of the original high density polyethylene and the two layers of the recycled high density polyethylene.
The cycle time is 10 minutes. Four 140-
Mm extruder is more than HMW-4400/hourHDPE.
The maximum shooting weight is about 770. The four-
The layer storage head can accommodate molds with a diameter of up to 1200mm.
The machine is 46 feet high, 57 feet wide and 51 feet deep.
Also need a pit 6.
5 feet deep below the mold fixture.
At the same time, a new medium
Graham Machinery Group launched the size shuttle for containers below container. The Hesta-
Graham HFD 490 fills the smaller single-
Station HG and larger dual station HLD series.
The mold stroke of HFD 490 is 490mm, and there will be a smaller HFD 390 next year, and the mold stroke is 390. mm stroke.
HFD 490 can run up to six cavities and produce 2500 to 3000 bottles per hour.
This is the first one.
Graham unit will include Grahams\'s new PC controller XBM Navigator.
The new option for Italian francics Magic MP introduces a new automatic compartment-
Its full itinerary adjustment
Electric extrusion bottle blowing machine. The AVS (
Automatic trip change)
Feature handle in production off-
There is a flashing Center neck or bottle outside the neck, which usually causes a concentricity problem on the round bottle.
Can change the transportation itinerary without manual intervention and hit
Adjust the pin assembly at the same time to ensure the correct mold centering. The two-
The station AVS series can run up to 6 cavities and produce 50-
Cc bottle for 5250/hour.
Bottles and containers up to 1L are the target of dairy products, detergents and personal items --
Nursing application.
Magic said that all electric machines will be equipped with AVS options in the future.
Need to know more?
For more information, please enter PTDirectcode at www. ptonline.
Butler, AGR TopWave of Pa. (724)482-
2163 * PTDirect: 731DV Automa, Buffalo, North AmericaY. (716)847-
0129 * PTDirect: 612GV Bekum United States
William Ston, Michigan. (517)655-
4331 * PTDirect: Graham dh Graham Machinery Group, Pa York. (717)848-
3755 * PTDirect: 897KV Kautex
North Branch of New Jersey. (908)253-
6006 * PTDirect: 883UB KronesWe are Franklin. (414)409-
4000 * PTDirect: 597NK, North American Magic Company, Markham, Ont. (905)471-
7784 * PTDirect: 153QF mereken chemical, spa, S. C. (800)345-
0372 * PTDirect: 822PX Nisse ASB, Atlanta (404)699-
7755 * PTDirect: 327ZR Rikutec, Webster quality company, USA. (508)943-
7660 * PTDirect: N. North Branch 631ZV SIG CorpoplastJ. (908)252-
9350 * PTDirect: 736TZ Sidel Inc. , Norcross, Ga. (678)221-
3000 * PTDirect: 911MP SIPA North America, Atlanta (404)349-
3966 * PTDirect: Urola Inc. 262FH, USA
Elk Grove is sick. (847)718-
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