pillow roll packing machine

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-04-01
Most of us are not familiar with pillow roll packaging machines, mainly because they are new products on the market and have been introduced a while ago.
Let\'s give you an overview.
Pillow roll packaging machine is mainly used for automatic wrapping of pillows, cushions, soft cotton quilts.
This pillow machine is highly automated and controlled by PLC with a high-precision touch screen.
This machine has a high degree of automation, replacing the traditional manual packaging process, making the packaging more beautiful and more efficient.
Most importantly, this pillow machine can help you save high labor costs and transportation costs.
The advantage of rolling the package pillow through this machine 1.
Roll-wrap can make the pillow smaller in size.
It can help you save high labor costs.
After rolling through the machine, the pillow is wrapped in a PE bag and then placed directly into a small and beautiful outer bag. 2.
The pillows rolling through this machine do not deform.
Because the pillow can bounce back, you have to follow the pillow of course.
Memory foam pillow, latex pillow, chemical fiber pillow, feather pillow, etc. 3.
More and more pillow sellers on the market use this pillow style.
According to market research, 70% of pillow companies in China use this package.
Among them are Xiaomi, Ikea and drew.
The operation of the pillow rolling machine is very simple.
Make sure the machine is powered on. 2.
Place the pillow directly into the machine for rolling packaging. 3.
Wrap the pillow in PE bag at the Pillow exit of the machine.
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