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Busbaneswar: busbaneswar City CompanyBMC)
An ATM will be installed in front of the Rama Devi Women\'s University here for the benefit of commuters and people in the area.
For better lighting, it will also install some street lights on campus.
New York City mayor Anant Narayan Jena said on Thursday that BMC will install a vending machine before the university by the end of November.
People now buy mineral water from shops ranging from Rs 15 to Rs 20.
But they will get pure water from the vending machine at the lowest price, he added.
He said BMC will also install street lights on campus.
Some of the university\'s hostel inmates told me that they had problems at night due to the lack of adequate street light systems.
We will consider their request, he added.
The electrical wing team of a city body will visit the university and check where the street lights can be fixed, Yena said.
\"Our team will identify the location and report to us the installation of the lights,\" he added . \".
The mayor said they would build 1 feet flyovers. FOB)
Before safely crossing the University of the students, especially the students with physical problems.
This is what the students have long demanded.
We will set FOB under Smart City project.
It will have an elevator, he added.
A group of college students led by student union president Soubhagya Soumyashree Samal met with the mayor on Tuesday and discussed these issues.
The mayor promised them to solve these problems.
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