telangana boy, 13, invents paddy-filling machine to ease his mother\'s job

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-03-31
See his mother, a worker, trying to fill sacks with her 13-year-old Paddyyear-
The old son from Telangana came up with a machine to ease her life.
The Irish man of Marripalli Abhishek conceptualised
Can do the filling machine for three people.
After Marripalli\'s father, Laxmirajan, immigrated to Dubai for a job, his mother, Rajavva, had to work for a period of time to fill up sacks.
To simplify her work, the young innovator came up with the concept that his teacher Venkatesham fully supported.
He also helped him with the design.
We\'re back on Wednesday.
Abhishek, a 13-year-old innovator at Sircilla, designed a rice filling machine that improved labor efficiency.
There is also a weighing machine attached to the bottom of this machine.
The machine is designed in a simple and efficient way, consisting of two wheels, a piece of iron sheet and several iron pipe rods.
A weighing machine was also attached.
The price of this machine is about Rs 5,000 and can be easily transferred from place to place.
Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)
Party president calvakumla Chandra Rao acknowledged the young talent and presented him with a cheque for Rs 1, 16, 000.
He also assured him that he would be responsible for all his education expenses.
\"If the government supports me, I will invent more machines in the future,\" Marripalli said . \".
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