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The difference of drinking water

The difference of drinking water


1, Pure water: colorless and odorless, fresh and clean, good taste, and the same as household water purifiers, generally through reverse osmosis treatment, no impurities, but less mineral content, as a daily drink is good.

2. Mineral water: drinking water containing one or several beneficial minerals or carbon dioxide gas after sterilization and disinfection treatment. The mineral water per liter of mineral water is generally between 100-200 mg, much higher than pure water, but it tastes worse. During exercise, in high temperature weather, because of the large amount of sweat, the electrolyte in the body is quickly lost. At this time, it is better to replenish the body with water or mineral water. Mineral water can not be boiled and not easily frozen, and the minerals inside will solidify and precipitate, losing mineral supplementation.

3, Mineral water: According to the water quality, artificially added mineral, usually supplemented with magnesium and potassium, calcium can not be manually added to the water. Mineral water drink tastes similar to mineral water, and its effect is similar, generally cheaper.

4. Oxygen water: The oxygen content in high-oxygen water (≥35mg/L) is more than 10 times higher than that in ordinary drinking water. It is absorbed by the gastrointestinal system. The rate of entering the blood of the human body through the cavity mask of the columnar epithelial cells of the small intestine is higher than that obtained by the respiratory system. The oxygen is about 10 times faster. It can quickly replenish oxygen, restore physical strength, refresh the mind, promote metabolism, and increase the skin's active elasticity. The oxygen content measured by Oxygen High Oxygen Drinking Water, which is currently on the market, is 51 mg/L.

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