tokyo water safe to bathe babies

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-04-19
On Thursday, March 24, 2011, a child took a bottle of mineral water and distributed it to a nursery in Tokyo, a day after Tokyo officials reported that radioactive iodine levels in the city\'s tap water were more than double the level of infant safety.
The label says \"emergency drinking water \".
Water collected at the foot of Fuji Mountain is stored. \" (
AP Photo/Kyodo News Agency)
Japan withdrew, forced credit, and China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and France did not have a license: despite recent warnings that radioactive iodine in Dongzi tap water exceeded the standard, experts said it was harmless to infants.
City officials say radioactive iodine levels in drinking water in Tokyo have fallen below recommended safety levels.
Tokyo government officials said that on Tuesday, 210 becquerel\'s radioactive iodine was detected per kilogram of water at the Kanamachi water purification plant in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo.
Iodine may remain in the thyroid gland and may lead to thyroid cancer.
The level of harmful iodine in drinking water, as temporarily defined by the Food Hygiene Act, is generally 300 becquerels per kilogram, and infants are 100 becquerels because they are more susceptible to chemicals.
\"Degree of danger (
Prescribed by law)
Far more strict (unspecified)
The value that will adversely affect health, \"Atsushi Kasai, current laboratory director
The Institute of Atomic Energy of Japan said on Thursday it had closed down.
The institute later merged with another to become Japan\'s Atomic Energy Agency, and kasai said that iodine levels detected in tap water in Tokyo on Tuesday were not dangerous even for babies to drink for a short time, although it is better for babies not to drink this water.
He also said that bathing with this water or washing your hair would not absorb iodine.
Other experts say tap water should be consumed without bottled water.
\"Not drinking enough water can cause the baby to dehydrate,\" said an expert . \".
\"If there is no other drinking water, it is OK for babies to drink tap water,\" said the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and pregnancy and breastfeeding are considered safe before supplementing the levels recorded on Tuesday to be harmless to the elderly. feeding women.
\"If radioactive iodine levels remain within the limits set by ordinary people, it is safe to drink tap water as usual,\" a health ministry official told reporters . \".
At the same time, if using mineral water to dissolve milk powder, mothers should know the \"hardness\" level of water because of hard water-
Water with high mineral concentration such as calcium-
It affects the baby\'s kidneys.
Imported water tends to contain higher mineral concentrations and mothers are advised to check food labels and descriptions.
A spokesperson for baby products retailer Dougan Snow said the company advised consumers to use water with a hardness of 300 mg per liter or lower.
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