tube filling machine

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-03-30
Pipeline filling machine based on straight pipe conveying, full servo-
Driven and destined to be a benchmark in a highly competitive business.
The tube filling machine provides accurate and powerful sealing for plastic and laminated plastic pipes.
These machines are used in various products such as cosmetics, ointment, toothpaste, gel, adhesive and silicone adhesive, ketchup, sesame oil, lotion, etc.
The advanced technology of tube filling provides fast performance and quality results.
They are capable of handling different pipe sizes and are equipped with the \"no pipe no fill\" function.
In the machinery industry, many types of processing equipment are used for pipe filling machines.
Different types of filling machines are used according to the precise needs of the industry.
There is no filling machine of the same type that can be used to fill different types of liquid, solid or powder.
Filling machines, for example, are filled with cold cream, but cannot be filled with water or oil.
Specific applications and functions are required for filling machines.
This machine is also a special feature for safe production and overload protection.
For any abnormalities that occur during the filling operation, the pipe filling machine is equipped with an alarm controlled by PLC.
It has a variable speed converter.
The labeling machine index is very smooth.
They are fully pneumatic tube loading and washing.
They have perfect and accurate extended cutting arrangements.
These machines are 98% maintenance-free, rugged and easy to operate.
From the operator\'s point of view, the new machine designed is visible and easy to control for all functions.
This machine is mainly based on precise logic control and there is no room for error.
It provides reliable operation and has won the trust of operators from the beginning
And keep it over time.
The tube positioning is controlled by a photoelectric sensor.
This machine is a color touch screen control technology.
The machine is controlled by a photoelectric sensor.
The pipe filling machine has many remarkable features.
This tube filler is suitable for filling and various semi-
Make sticky and sticky products into soft plastic or flexible composite pipes.
The manual filling machine, also known as the paste filling machine, is designed to respond to the customer\'s vision.
The manual filling pipe machine is easy to operate.
Synergy with the entire Blenzor group.
The machine is designed with clean lines for easy cleaning, cleaning, conversion and maintenance.
With automatic pipe loading and unloading, high precision filling pump and cutting-
Edge closure system conversion, which can quickly adapt to any production changes, guarantees high performance and complete repeatability of all devicesup operations.
Test tubes continue to be successful in cosmetic industries such as toothpaste, hand cream, body wash or shampoo.
Blenzor is the only manufacturer to provide complete first and second packaging line solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.
The speed range of the blister machine is from low speed to super high speed.
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