Sodium Bicarbonate Water Treatment Methods

by:Labelong Packaging Machinery     2020-03-27

Baking soda is a water treatment method used to soften the water in the old water softener system (removing calcium and magnesium impurities in it ).The process uses a chemical reaction to convert calcium carbonate (or sodium hydroxide) into calcium carbonate that is not soluble in water.Compared to standard tap water, the amount of sodium dissolved in softened water is usually increased, which is a small health problem.Due to the cost reduction of the reverse osmosis system and the improvement of energy and filtration efficiency, sodium bicarbonate water softening is slowly being replaced as a home water treatment method.Introduce baking soda in the filter of the water cycle.The reaction band dissolves sodium hydroxide from water, where the calcium oh base is combined with two carbon atoms in bicarbonate to form calcium carbonate and free sodium ions.Calcium carbonate is then precipitated from the flow of water and stored.Similar reactions remove magnesium ions from the water.Due to the nature of the chemical reaction, this water softening method is not very effective when calcium or magnesium is combined with sulfur compounds instead of oh-based.Because the sodium bicarbonate water treatment method causes noWater flow usually needs to be filtered.In a triple treatment system, baking soda treatment is usually an intermediate treatment in the process, after charcoal and ion filtration (usually combined into one step), before the sand ore filtration removes the precipitation.Although baking soda water treatment methods have been common in the home, they have basically been replaced by a triple filtration system or a recent reverse osmosis system.The main retention of water treatment methods for bicarbonate is in municipal water plants where industrial scale processes are used in large quantities;Nevertheless, it is often used as the first step in the process of ending with reverse osmosis.Due to the nature of the chemical process, the threshold of calcium and magnesium impurities is lower than this threshold, and this process is invalid.Many municipalities are offering projects to replace sodium bicarbonate water treatment systems with more energy-efficient (and eco-friendly) reverse osmosis systems.The main complaint is that the final result of the baking soda process is a large amount of dissolved sodium, releasing chlorine atoms from PVC pipes and producing saltIncrease the waste water flow of municipal water costs.
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